#MBPoli Power Hour Webinar Series

The wheels at the Chamber continue to turn rapidly. As we move into fall, we look to replace our event programming with alternative methods of connecting our members and the broader community with the information they need, especially in times of uncertainty.

As the Voice of Business in Manitoba, MCC adopted new methods and communication tools during the COVID-19 crisis to update our network and stakeholder community. We will continue acting as a hub for government announcements, partnering with expert members, and compiling trusted information about the pandemic for SMEs, the local chamber network, and businesses that are the foundation of their communities.

In keeping with adaptation, we launched a new webinar series, Asked & Answered: Q&A with the Experts, that will continue throughout the next year. Stay tuned for more information about these webinars!

In mid-September, MCC will launch our #MBPoli Power Hour, a webinar series dedicated to exploring timely topics and business resources relevant to the government’s roadmap to recovery, economic development in the province, competitiveness, and more. Attendees join by Zoom for an informational discussion with a Minister with opportunity for Q&A. Webinar episodes are held monthly by video conference and may feature a provincial minister or other special invited guest.

Cost: $14.99 each + GST for members of $18.99 + GST for non-members.

Tentative line up includes:

  • September 2020: Honourable Kelvin Goertzen, Minister of Education
  • October 2020: Honourable Ralph Eichler, Minister of Economic Development and Training
  • November 2020: Honourable Cameron Friesen, Minister of Health, Seniors & Active Living
  • December 2020: Honourable Rochelle Squires, Minister of Municipal Relations
  • January 2021: TBC
  • February 2021: Honourable Ron Schuler, Minister of Infrastructure
  • March 2021: Honourable Scott Fielding, Minister of Finance
  • April 2021: Honourable Sarah Guillemard, Minister of Conservation & Climate
  • May 2021: Honourable Blaine Pedersen, Minister of Agriculture & Resource Development
  • June 2021: Honourable Reg Helwer, Minister of Central Services

Line-up is subject to change to accommodate ministerial schedules and to ensure information is provided in a timely, relevant manner.

To inquire about sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Carolynne Jansen
Director, Business Development & Partnerships


REMINDER to employers: If you're paying employees, Manitoba's minimum wage will increase by 25 cents to $11.90 on October 1, 2020.

In this episode, Michelle Lalonde, President and Chief Officer of Growth and Happiness at @tiberriver speaks about how her company experienced a drastic increase in its direct sales & adapted a new model that has been thriving during the pandemic.
Listen: https://www.buzzsprout.com/955081/4121984