The 2010s was a decade that saw the emergence of new technologies—cloud computing, smart phones, and artificial intelligence. The 2020s could see equally profound change; companies worldwide are seeking their place in a time of constant change and new possibility. By 2030, Canada’s economy could look significantly different. As the global business environment rapidly changes, Manitoba is faced with an unprecedented opportunity to position itself as a leader in the new economy.

The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce is proud to bring some of the biggest ideas and smartest people all together under one roof, exploring the most important trends, opportunities, and challenges facing the business community in the coming year – and beyond. We’ll host visionaries, industry champions, entrepreneurs, chamber leaders, and public policy representatives with the goal to prepare Manitoba for success and growth. We’ll explore opportunities to navigate our unique advantage to confront the new age of business, propelling our economy into the next decade, and helping us all thrive amid this rapid rate of change.

For information about sponsorship opportunities, please contact:

Carolynne Jansen
Director, Business Development & Partnerships