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Past Surveys

March 2022 - Provincial Budget: Business Community Priorities

The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce believes that in order for our province to achieve the level of prosperity needed to take the Manitoba economy to the next level, the provincial government must increase its focus on economic growth and competitiveness in the budgeting process. As we begin to emerge from the COVID-19 pandemic, we believe the economy must be a driving force behind all decision-making.

As business leaders or representatives of Manitoba employers, your opinions on the upcoming provincial government budget are important to us. This survey was open to all members of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, MB Pulse members, as well as to interested members of the public from March 10 to 17, 2022. A total of 147 surveys were completed. Read the full report here…

February 2022 - Shifting COVID-19 Mandates

Over the last two years, the business community has shown incredible resilience as it has navigated the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to frequent changes to public health orders, business leaders pivoted their operations in order to keep Manitobans safe and to protect the health care system. As business leaders or representatives of Manitoba employers, your opinions on the recent and upcoming changes to COVID-19 mandates are important to us. Read the full report here.

February 2022 - Provincial Homelessness Strategy

Throughout January 2022, Manitoba Families lead engagement sessions with communitiesacross Manitoba, including with non-profit agencies and service providers, municipalities, and theprivate sector. Feedback from these sessions will inform the strategy’s approach, priorities, andactions to develop and implement a provincial strategy to end homelessness in Manitoba.

The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce collaborated with Manitoba Families to assist thedepartment in seeking feedback from the business community. Through the MB Pulse platform,MCC surveyed members to gather comments and opinions on this very important topic. Thesurvey results are found below. Read the report here.

October 2021 - Support Local; Consumer Perspectives

With the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce #BuyLocalMB initiative and contest in full swing, we asked our MB Pulse subscribers to confidentially share their buying behaviours along with insights and information related to buying local products and services. Read the report here.

September 2021 - Federal Election Survey

Whether you feel positively about the 2021 federal election, or you feel it’s an ill-timed expense in which pandemic-weary Canadians simply don’t have the energy to truly engage, September 20 is election day in Canada.

Around the same time that almost 6 million Canadians set a record and marked their ballots in the advance polls, MCC was asking our MB Pulse subscribers to confidentially rate the government’s performance during the past two years. Survey respondents ranked the issues that mattered most to them, and shared with us their party alignment and plans to vote. Read the report.

September 2021 - Cyber Security Survey

How does your cyber security stack up? In collaboration with Chambers of Commerce from across Canada, we partnered with the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security (Cyber Centre) to conduct a nation wide, Cyber Security and Business Survey to better understand how prepared Canada’s businesses are to combat cyber security threats. 

Stay tuned for the results of that survey.

August 2021 - COVID Response Survey

Manitoba’s business community is readying for renewal as we move towards a postpandemic state, yet issues of debate and discussion remain, from mask use and vaccination to comfort levels regarding inperson events attendance. In this first MB Pulse survey, we asked our subscribers about COVID-19 recovery processes, workplace health & safety protocols, and more. Read the report.