Operating a Local Chamber

Forming and Running  A Local Chamber

The creation of a local chamber of commerce can have such a profound effect upon a community that it is hard to believe that it can begin so easily – all that is really needed is an individual or group with the fundamental belief that a town needs an organization to bring its businesspeople and other citizens together to foster trade and industry, stimulate civic development and generally promote the welfare of the community.  Read more and download the manual.

Usually the most challenging task is overcoming certain preconceptions about beginning a local chamber: the belief that it will require considerable money, and the belief that setting up the organizational machinery will be difficult and costly to maintain.  Ironically, as these pages will show, these beliefs are far from the case.

The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce has resources to assist local chambers on a number of levels.  The first step is to contact us and let’s talk about a strategic next step.

Operating a Local Chamber 2012  can be downloaded here to serve as  a quick reference guide to operating a local chamber and then give us a call.

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