The Chamber Executives of Manitoba (CEM) is the professional development association for managers and staff of chambers of commerce and boards of trade in Manitoba, Canada. The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce serves as the administrative body for CEM. CEM offers education, resources, and networking opportunities for chamber professionals and is all about making good chambers of commerce and boards of trade staff even better!


It is the most relevant membership to:

  • Connect you with peers that understand your daily challenges and opportunities, acting as mentors, teachers, or confidants for sharing resources and information.
  • Provide templates and samples that help you better serve and manage volunteer and staff resources.
  • Recognize the innovative work you do and support the development of a professional network.
  • Introduce you to the finest suppliers in the chamber industry for items such as membership software, online communications, insurance, merchant programs, etc.
  • Keep you informed of the latest trends in economy, energy, demographics, leadership, management, and technology so that your chamber, business community, and regional economy can be its very best.

Membership in Chamber Executives of Manitoba is beneficial for both the individual chamber professional and for the success of the chamber!