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“What Manitoba has is really special. We have all the pieces of the puzzle that are needed for our province to become a global epicenter. So as someone who’s from Manitoba, born and raised, I’m really excited for this. I feel this is a once in a generation opportunity to really try to leverage what Roquette has brought here and to really drive forward the economic development in our province.

I have a large network just by the nature of my work but it’s not always large enough and the Chamber can accelerate that and connect you really quickly with the people that you need. Part of the value of the Chamber really became apparent to me during the pandemic. There was certain amount of comfort in knowing that they were connected to government officials and there were relaying the challenges that businesses had.”

– Michelle Finley, National Manager, Government and Public Affairs, Roquette


“My dad, Dr. Wayne Lautt, dedicated his life’s work to the research of liver, and he realized that there’s actually a hormone that’s produced by the liver that’s responsible for Type 2 diabetes. If you’re missing this hormone, that he’s named hepatalin, you’ve got Type 2 diabetes. That’s a huge, groundbreaking discovery, and he felt that it’s his life’s responsibility to figure this out and share it with the world.

A couple of years after we founded the company, we joined the chamber. The Manitoba Chambers does a great job of getting people excited, and I feel that the team is really rooting for us. And they literally are…”

– Mick Lautt, founder & CEO, SciMar Ltd


“I joined the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce during the height of the pandemic because I could see the difference the organization was making for businesses like mine. As a restaurant owner, I was gravely affected by operating restrictions, and I was looking for support for my industry.

The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce emerged as a guiding light during the pandemic, and truly listened to my concerns about the issues facing hospitality, such as the impact of lock-downs, wage inflation, supply chain challenges, and more. I am now a board member, and I am proud to be positioned alongside other community leaders who care about their roles as employers, contributors, and connectors, and want to have a real and lasting impact.”

– Sachit Mehra, Co-Owner & GM, East India Company


The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce is the province’s most influential business advocacy association. Together, with our local chambers of commerce, we invest in communities and contribute to a bright future for our province.

The chamber movement works collaboratively by bringing together a powerful network of businesses across virtually all sectors,  as well as associations, industry organizations, and local chambers. 

    If you’re already a member of your local chamber of commerce, you’re well-acquainted with the power of the network. If you’re seeking a strong provincial advocate, access to decision-makers, and an expanded network of connections, it may be the right time to level up your network investment and become a direct member of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce.

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