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Learn about rural and northern Manitoba’s home field advantage through Manitoba Chambers of Commerce Economic Development Tours (EDTs). These two-day tours are packed with meetings hosted by local chamber and economic development leaders, connecting tour participants with elected officials and Indigenous leaders. Delegates also enjoy tours of local businesses and attractions,  as well as opportunities to network with decision-makers.  

Explore Manitoba’s Heartland

Discover the vibrant economies of Portage la Prairie and Neepawa with the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce (MCC). Portage la Prairie, centrally located in Canada, provides direct access to North American markets via the Trans-Canada Highway. Boasting a thriving agri-food manufacturing sector and a skilled workforce, it blends urban amenities with rural charm. Meanwhile, Neepawa, known as the ‘Land of Plenty,’ features a diverse economy encompassing agriculture, manufacturing, healthcare, and wholesale trade. Don’t miss this opportunity to explore the potential these communities have to offer. 

Members: $650 per person + GST
Non-members: $795 per person + GST

Discover Growth and Opportunity

At the very heart of North America lies Brandon, Manitoba—a city renowned for fostering an environment where businesses thrive. Brandon’s exceptional business cost competitiveness, consistently ranked in the top 10 by KPMG, and its frequent inclusion among Canada’s Best Places to Live highlight its appeal. With no municipal business tax and a diversified economy ensuring stability, Brandon provides a robust platform for global competitiveness. Serving as a central service hub for over 180,000 residents, including the Southwest Economic Region, Brandon facilitates a thriving business environment supported by sectors like agriculture and oil & gas. Join us on the Economic Development Tour to explore Brandon’s dynamic blend of economic opportunity and quality living. 

Members: $650 per person + GST
Non-members: $795 per person + GST

After speaking with local leaders in the community, the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce has made the decision to postpone the Economic Development Tour to The Pas and Opaskwayak Cree Nation planned for May 23 & 24. We will continue to work in collaboration with the community to support them as best we can, and when the time is right, we will work to reschedule the tour for the fall.

Why The Pas and OCN? Known as The Gateway to the North, The Pas and OCN is a major transportation hub, connecting southern Manitoba routes with those in the north and serving as a East-West corridor for goods flowing into Saskatewan and Alberta. The region also boasts thriving agricultural, manufacturing, tourism, and educational industries. Expand your business, explore new partnerships, and secure your foothold in the North.

Members: $1,399.50 per person + GST
Non-members: $1,544.50 per person + GST

For questions about tours, email Shyanne Mattey.

“This economic development tour of Churchill gave us a glimpse of the many opportunities there are with delegates and community members. Not only did we create strong business contacts for expanding our services, we were able to check off one of our ‘Bucket List’ global destinations.”

Elba Haid

President & CEO, Realcare Inc

“Personally, I made more valuable connections than I had expected and learned more about the communities than I had hoped. As a bonus, the location was beautiful and the food excellent… I will definitely be applying to attend future trips.”

Mick Lautt

CEO, SciMar Ltd. & Executive Director, Wellness Transformation Network