Resources to Get Started

At first glance, taking climate action may seem like a daunting endeavour, but it doesn’t need to be. Here are some resources and tools to help you get started.

2023 Climate Action Resources

Foundational resources for understanding climate change and how to take action in your businesses home game (i.e., facilities and operations) and away game (i.e., products and services)


2019 Climate Action Resources

  • Climate Change 101 – What is climate change? How is climate projected to change in Manitoba? What are the sources of carbon emissions in Manitoba? What policies influence climate action in Manitoba?
  • Climate Action Checklist for Manitoba Business – Looking for steps to take to get started in taking climate action? Looking to reduce carbon emissions from your business and become more resilient to a changing climate?


Manitoba Climate Resilience Training (MCRT)

– free online recorded webinars and materials on a variety of climate action topics, including:

Other Resources

– Looking for more information or support for taking climate action?

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