Climate Action by Manitoba Business

Manitoba’s business community is already taking climate action to reduce carbon emissions and increase resilience to climate change. Here you will find examples of climate action taken across the value chain, from business operations to products and services offered.

Examples of Climate Action

In 2019, IISD facilitators convened 11 Climate Action Forums across Manitoba to learn about SME climate action, and to share their stories of successes, challenges, and obstacles.

Featured Examples of Climate Action

The following organizations are taking valuable steps to reduce their emissions, and/or supporting their clients in taking climate action. Stay tuned for additional case studies!

  • Greenstone Building Products
  • Falcon Trails Resort (Coming soon!)
  • NADI Design (Coming soon!)
  • Red River College (Coming soon!)
  • ReGen Composites (Coming soon!)
  • TinHouse Coffee Company (Coming soon!)

Communicating about Climate Action

Once your business has taken climate action, it’s important to talk openly about it, for the sake of transparency and of course, good marketing. Click here for our Climate Action Communications Guide for SMEs.