Early learning and child care services have continued to adapt to meet the evolving needs of Manitoba families as part of the provincial COVID-19 response. As part of Phase 4 Restoring Safe Services: Manitoba’s Pandemic and Economic Roadmap for Recovery, early learning and child care programming remains essential in supporting the provincial economy, as it enables families to return to work, continue education, or seek new employment.

Four new one-time start-up grants are available as part of the Child Care Expansion Fund programming, supported through a partnership between the Department of Families, Manitoba Chambers of Commerce and The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce. The four streams are:

The Department of Families will review and assess applications received, and will approve applications and funding amounts. The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce will issue funds to proponents located outside the City of Winnipeg (rural Manitoba), and will be available to provide business mentoring. The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce will issue funds to proponets within the Capital region.

To view a complete guide intended to assist you in determining your eligibility and to complete an online application for any one of the grants in the Child Care Expansion Fund program, CLICK HERE.

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