Since 1931, the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce (MCC) has served as the umbrella association for Manitoba’s vibrant chamber movement. Today, our network comprises 65 local Chambers of Commerce across all regions of the province, as well as hundreds of direct corporate/organizational members.

We represent almost 10,000 businesses of all sizes and across all sectors with a mission to champion sustainable economic development and foster a business-friendly climate. As the “Voice of Business in Manitoba,” we advocate for entrepreneurial success, prosperous communities, and a strong future for our province.

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The mission of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce is to champion sustainable economic growth leading to greater prosperity for business and communities in Manitoba.

The vision is to make Manitoba the best place to live and work.



Across the province, Manitoba’s chamber movement works together. We are interdependent. The MCC focuses primarily on provincial issues, while our local Chambers of Commerce have a vital role in helping us to understand the needs of our members in local business communities.

  • The MCC works to help maximize the potential of local communities by bringing together a strong and united provincial network and focusing our efforts on emerging issues. We provide an amplified voice and consistent message on behalf of business and communities that no other organization can match.
  • We facilitate a unique, grassroots policy-building process that draws on the innovative ideas and on-the-ground experience of our member Chambers of Commerce, Boards of Trade, and businesses in every region of the province.
  • We consistently engage in positive, action-oriented dialogue with elected officials and policy-makers in provincial and federal government departments. We also connect regularly with business decision-makers throughout the network to hear directly from members, and shape messaging to communicate their views on policies and breaking issues.
  • We facilitate a range of programs, events, and exclusive member benefits to strengthen and grow Manitoba’s network of local Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade, and their member businesses.

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