Dine-in Restaurant Relief Program – PHASE 3

Now Open to Fast Casual Restaurants to June 20, 2021

The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, in partnership with the Manitoba Restaurant and Foodservices Association, has announced the expansion of the Dine-in Restaurant Relief Program to include a new subset of eligible restaurants: Fast Casual

The Dine-In Restaurant Relief Program is a COVID-19 industry relief stream created with an initial $5 million allocation from the Province of Manitoba, and developed by the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce in partnership with the Manitoba Restaurant & Foodservices Association.

Phase 1 of this program was designed to help offset the significant costs incurred by traditional dine-in restaurants that chose to shift to a food delivery model while under Critical (code red) restrictions of the RestartMB Pandemic Response System.

Phase 2 expanded the program with $2 million in additional funding to include the month of (February) for Dine-in restaurants doing delivery, and to include relief for eligible caterers and rural restaurants which did not have access to delivery capabilities.

Phase 3 expands the program as of June 7, 2021, with a further $2 million funding allocated on May 10, 2021, to include:

  • An additional month (March) for previously-approved Dine-in restaurants doing delivery (NOTE: We are not accepting new applications for Dine-in restaurants doing delivery; ONLY the month of March will be available for relief during Phase 3);
  • A second rebate payment equal to the first for caterers and rural restaurants accepted into the program in Phase 2; and
  • Applications from fast casual restaurants and new applications from caterers and rural restaurants which have seen a significant decline in revenue in 2020 over 2019 due to the pandemic and dine-in health order closures.

Phase 3 Intake is now closed.

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