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On Friday, February 21, NASCO President Tiffany Melvin, J.D., addressed the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce at our MBiz Breakfast event, speaking about the economic impact of tri-national trade and the importance of USMCA/CUSMA to North America’s future success. “The bottom line is that trade throughout North America is absolutely essential…

Feb 24, 2020
11:17 AM

Selkirk BizBucks: Supporting Local, Celebrating Success

Sheri Skalesky, Executive Director of the Selkirk Biz, says that their BizBucks gift card program has been an incredible success, helping to champion local business, and keeping important spending happening in the region. “The Selkirk Biz launched a paper $$$Chamber Dollar gift certificate program in 2001, and, although it worked…

Feb 12, 2020
03:05 PM

Blue Monday? Strategies and supports to boost mood

Today (the third Monday in January) is often called “Blue Monday” or the “saddest day of the year,” although there isn’t any evidence to suggest that it’s any more sad than any other day of the month. So, what can we do at work to debunk this myth and combat…

Jan 20, 2020
11:21 AM

MCCs 2020 Pre-Budget Submission & Consultations

To read our pre-budget submission for 2020/21, click here. Every year, the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce submits a pre-budget commentary to the provincial government’s public consultation process. But we can all have our say. To participate in the consultation process, all Manitobans may send a written document by mail or…

Jan 15, 2020
11:51 AM


Keeping Families Close When It’s Needed Most “At RMHC Manitoba, you’re assured that you’re not alone and there’s always support. Staying at Ronald McDonald House or Family Room gives you the feeling of a close-knit community, a family. To us, the H in RMHC Manitoba means Home.” – The Mistry…

Jan 13, 2020
10:43 AM

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