Annual Ministers’ Dinner

The Ministers’ Dinner, held every fall, brings together business and community leaders seated directly among provincial Cabinet Ministers, the individuals directly responsible for the execution and administration of the Manitoba government’s policies and priorities.

We’re honoured to present our members with this opportunity to connect to the action drivers, the Executive Council, and to enjoy face-to-face conversation in a round table setting. Each round table, hosted by a Minister or ranking member of the caucus, is a buzz, enabling an informal exchange of ideas, concerns, and opinions with Manitoba government’s top officials.

The mission of the MCC is to create the best environment for doing business. Your voice is integral to our efforts to protect and improve key business conditions related to areas such as economic competitiveness, workforce issues, taxes, rural and northern economic development, and more.

Event tickets can only be obtained by contacting Carolynne Jansen, Director of Business Development & Partnerships by clicking here or calling (204) 948-0104.


Did you know?

Manitoba’s Ministers by constitutional convention govern using the Westminster System, in that each cabinet minister bears the ultimate responsibility for the actions of their ministry or department in achieving the goals and outcomes of the provincial government.  The provincial government's foremost goal is to make Manitoba the most improved province in Canada in these priority areas:

  • increased job creation and economic growth
  • reduced wait times for health services
  • improved education outcomes for our children
  • family tax relief
  • trust and integrity in Manitoba's government
  • better co-operation with our communities and businesses
  • overall improved fiscal responsibility of government operations

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