Across the province, Manitoba’s chamber movement works together. We are interdependent. The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce focuses on provincial issues primarily, while our local chambers have a vital role in helping us to understand what members of local business communities need to be successful.

The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce (MCC) drives business advocacy on behalf of its province-wide network:

  • The MCC works to help maximize the potential of local communities by bringing together the entire provincial chamber network of almost 10,000 businesses. Find a local Chamber of Commerce near you.
  • We provide an amplified voice and consistent message on behalf of business and communities that no other organization can match. We facilitate a unique, grassroots policy-building process that draws on the innovative ideas and on-the-ground experience of our member Chambers, boards and businesses in every region of the province.
  • We consistently engage with decision-makers across Manitoba ministries and federal departments to communicate our members’ views on policies and breaking issues.
  • We facilitate a range of programs and exclusive member benefits to strengthen and grow Manitoba’s network of local Chambers of Commerce and Boards of Trade, and their member businesses.

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