Governance of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce | Policies

In this downloadable link you will find information about the Chambers’ Corporate Governance Policies. Manitoba Chambers of Commerce Corporate Governance Manual 2012

The Manitoba Chamber was incorporated in 1930 under the Corporations Act of Manitoba. This incorporation was the direct result of 23 community chambers of commerce banding together and deciding to form and finance a provincial ‘umbrella’ organization.  Today the MCC represents 71 member-chambers as well as corporate members and is the single largest business advocacy organization in Manitoba with membership from many different sectors.

The Bylaws can be downloaded by clicking Manitoba Chambers of Commerce Bylaws 2012

Our Mission is to foster a dynamic economy and vibrant communities, making Manitoba the best place in which to live, work, invest and raise a family.

The Vision:
  • Policy development that brings together businesses of all sizes, from all sectors, and communities across Manitoba;
  • Non-partisan public debates of integrity, that criticize government where necessary, praise government where warranted, and disdain personal attacks and exaggeration;
  • A Business community that demonstrates high ethical standards in all it does;
  • Businesses dedicated to the vitality of their communities, the prosperity of their employees and the sustainability of the environment;
  • A province that understands the nature and value of entrepreneurship and promotes the competitive enterprise system;
  • A provincial government with sound, long-term economic strategies that are focused without ignoring opportunity, flexibility and diversity;
  • Government policies and spending that are efficient and effective, delivering the programs that Manitobans need and helping the disadvantaged;
  • A vigorous and integrated chamber of commerce movement throughout Manitoba and Canada; and
  • A Manitoba that promotes the progress of all its citizens toward individual freedom, dignity and prosperity, and opposes any form of negative discrimination or needless control.
Our Role:
  • Through active and effective leadership, ensure a vigorous and integrated chamber of commerce movement throughout Manitoba and Canada;
  • Promote, through its member chambers, the progress and development of Manitoba’s communities to make them better places in which to live and to work;
  • Increase the efficiency and usefulness of individual chambers of commerce in Manitoba by encouraging innovation, mutual co-operation and the united pursuit of matters of common interest;
  • Advocate a favorable legislative/regulatory balance by government and influence government policy in a positive, visible, consistent and representative manner;
  • Incorporate information delivery, consultation services, and effective lobbying in a central administrative body;
  • Develop and present informed views and opinions, on behalf of the chamber movement, to the provincial legislature, federal government, and other forums where appropriate; and
  • Promote the agricultural, civic, commercial, industrial and other general interests of Manitoba and, where appropriate, of Canada.

The Chamber is a provincial non-profit corporation that was founded in 1930. It is, by definition and structure, a federation of the community chambers of commerce in Manitoba. Non-profit corporations like the Chamber have a number of characteristics in common with normal business enterprises. However, a few features are unique to non-profits.


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