Province Sheds Light on The Road Ahead During Latest Throne Speech

The provincial government launched the latest session of the legislature with their fourth speech from the throne. The latest speech lays out a direction focused on supporting victims of violence, the eventual loosening of the retail pot industry, and their continued approach to reducing the deficit.
From a business standpoint, the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce (MCC) was happy to see that the province will soon release the results of an economic review that will inform future economic development initiatives in Manitoba.

An action plan is to be released in the coming weeks that will set out goals and priorities along with a restructuring of the Department of Growth, Enterprise and Trade and its programs. Speaking to the Winnipeg Free Press following the speech, MCC president Chuck Davidson said we are looking forward to the release of that. “What that looks like is something that, we think, is extremely important for all of Manitoba,” Davidson said.

Davidson added he was also glad to see continuing progress on the province’s Look North strategy, which is designed to unleash the economic potential of Manitoba’s north for future generations.

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