Manitoba Chambers, Mayors and Reeves Challenge Manitoba Business To Do Their Part

he South Basin Mayors and Reeves, leaders from nine communities on the shores of Lake Winnipeg are challenging the business community to do their part in protection our freshwater by participating in the Lake Friendly for Business Certification Program.

Chuck Davidson, President & CEO of the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce believes, “ Businesses have an important role to play in water protection, and this problem gives a set of clearly defined actions for participation.”

This all-inclusive yet easy-to-incorportate program was created by a cross sector working group that included: municipal officials, the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries (MBLL), conservation districts, landscape architects and environmental interests.

According to Robert Sandford, EPCOR Chair for Water and Climate Security at the United Nations University for Water, Environment and Health and the Lake Friendly Ambassador who helped kick off the launch said, “ If effectively implemented, this innovative certification program will simultaneously achieve at least five important Inited Nations Sustainable Development Goals while allowing business to reduce their harmful impacts on water quality that if unchecked will not only continue to damage fragile aquatic ecosystems but negatively impact the economy of Manitoba.

To learn more about the certification program, please click here.

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