Liberal Leader Looks to Refocus on Vision During Leaders Series Breakfast

Apr 6, 2016 | Chamber News


The last two weeks for Manitoba Liberal Leader Rana Bokhari has seen the loss of candidates, defending another Brandon candidate’s choice of words regarding hospital closures, and an email from her communications team warning that one media outlet was seeking negative comments about the leader. In her third speech hosted by the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, Bokhari looked to get back to her vision of creating a stronger Manitoba and breaking free of the old way of doing things.

To do that, Bokhari spoke of her party’s plan to eliminate the business payroll tax; after balancing the budget, put a focus on improving skilled labour, and focus on rebuilding current infrastructure issues; like roads and sewers; before starting larger projects that may not be as urgent. In addition, Bokhari discussed her belief in balance, and that to achieve social balance in Manitoba, there is a need for more social infrastructure; she cited better engagement with First Nations, youth, and access to better mental health. During her 20 minute address, she admitted that her policy positions are not business centric but every Liberal policy is designed to focus on people and making Manitoba stronger.

In a lighter moment, Bokhari was asked how she would rate her first election campaign. She responded with a laugh and said “can I just smile and leave it at that?”

Our final Leaders Series breakfast presented by Deloitte is Wednesday, April 13 with the leader of the NDP, Premier Greg Selinger. Details and ticket information can be found in the events section of the website. This breakfast series is sponsored by the Winnipeg Construction Association and proudly supported by the Manitoba School Boards Association.

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