Manitoba is failing to reach its economic potential because of a burdensome taxation climate for both families and businesses according the 3rd Edition of the Manitoba Prosperity Report published by the Manitoba Employer’s Council.

“Economic and taxation issues are top of mind for many Manitobans in the ongoing election campaign,” says William Gardner, Chair of the Manitoba Employer’s Council. “The Manitoba Prosperity Report, now in its third edition, was created many years ago to ensure policy discussions are based on sound economic fact.”

The Manitoba Prosperity Report analyzes 26 key indicators of economic prosperity and compares them to the performance of our closest provincial neighbours – British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Of the 26 economic, government and taxation indicators reviewed, Manitoba ranked 5th in 16 categories and 4th in another 7 fields. The Manitoba Prosperity Report covers the decade 2005-2014.

“It’s clear Manitoba has difficulty attracting families to live and businesses to invest in our province at levels comparable to those of our provincial siblings,” added Gardner. “If political parties are committed to making Manitoba more prosperous, we need a serious discussion and real action to provide tax relief and reform our regulatory environment for both individuals and businesses.”

You can read the full report by clicking this link.

Representing 24,000 individual employers and over 300,000 Manitoba jobs, the Manitoba Employer’s Council is Manitoba’s largest confederation of employer associations.