The narrative of an election cycle is tilted heavy towards how to get elected and telling voters why the other parties is bad. To the detriment of the voters, they are rarely focused on who has the best policy or plan for the future. The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce (MCC) is hoping to play a role is changing that narrative.

In preparation for the 2016 Provincial Election, the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce is releasing our election platform, “Growing Manitoba“. The document is made up of approved policy focused on what we feel are the main issues facing Manitoba and ones the leaders must address. The areas of importance include:

  • Economic Competitiveness
  • Workforce
  • Rural Economic Development

Over the course of the election, MCC will be sharing more detailed opinion on the issues contained in this document and sharing this message across the province.

We invite you to read the MCC platform by clicking here and encourage you to share it with those looking to represent you on April 19.