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Created in 1999, Manitoba Pork Council is a mandatory industry association dealing with all aspects of the pork industry, except the marketing of live hogs. Council delivers a wide range of programs and activities designed to benefit Manitoba hog farmers and promote the industry as a whole – activities such as support for research related to hog production, environmental practices, quality assurance and animal welfare; initiatives related to sustainable hog production practices, human resources, education and training; and programs related to market development, community relations, promotion and consumer education. Manitoba Pork Council also participates in trade advocacy efforts with U.S. producer groups, government decision makers on both sides of the border and other Canadian pork producer organizations like the Canadian Pork Council. Two associated organizations also operate from the same office as Manitoba Pork Council. They are: Manitoba Hog Grading Inc. and Manitoba Pork Credit Corporation.

Manitoba Pork Council’s activities are guided by an elected/appointed body of district advisors and a board of directors.  District Advisors, of which there are 20, actively represent local producers’ interests to the Board and provide opinion or preference on issues, initiate and assist with policy development, and help promote the industry to the general public. The board of directors consists of 10 directors, of which four represent geographic districts (East and West), two represent Hutterite Brethren districts (North Star Producers, Hutter Schwein), two represent production districts (Maple Leaf Agri-Farms Ltd. and HyLife Ltd.) and two are elected as directors-at-large.

Pork producers play an integral role in the province of Manitoba. Along with an interwoven system of farms, feed mills, environmental and genetics support services, equipment suppliers, and meat processors, they contribute more than $750 million annually to the provincial economy and provide more than 13,000 jobs for Manitobans. Pig production is the second-largest source of income for Manitoba farmers, earning them $914.0 million in 2012.


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