2014 AGM Sponsor Spotlight

Jun 4, 2014 | Chamber News

The overall vision for Metis Economic Development Fund (“MEDF”) is to foster strong, healthy and self-reliant Metis families, local communities and businesses by stimulating and supporting the start-up and growth of businesses and partnerships with both the private and public sectors.



MEDF will pursue the following objectives in the course of achieving its mission:

  • Provide equity for Metis entrepreneurs and businesses
  • Promote and encourage trade and commerce for metis entrepreneurs and business
  • Facilitate and promote the Metis business community
  • Maintain liaison between the Metis business community and with government agencies and  representatives at municipal, provincial and federal levels
  • Support and encourage Metis community economic development initiatives
  • Encourage the management skills for new and existing metis business owners and entrepreneurs


MEDF has established strong networks and partnerships with the Province of Manitoba, The Manitoba Metis Federation, and other Aboriginal Economic Development Organizations focused on providing access to capital for local Metis entrepreneurs and businesses. Working with organizations such as the Louis Riel Capital Corporation & Metis Education & Training, we will help you access all the tools and information you need to maximize your business opportunity.


MEDF can contribute up to $ 500,000 with the objective of promoting the economic development, skills and financial opportunities of the Metis people of Manitoba by providing capital funding to Metis-owned businesses through supporting business growth, expansion, and/or acquisitions. Capital is in the form of equity, debt, or combination of both and determine by the type of investment appropriate for each individual opportunity. MEDF is a passive investor not seeking more than 35% of the valuation of each investee.



  • Open to Metis entrepreneurs and businesses in Manitoba.
  • Corporation owned and controlled by Individuals with a Metis ancestry proven through genealogy and reside in Manitoba.
  • An experienced, well-balanced management team.
  • Business plan outlining the product and service offering, with a well-defined market with high growth potential, and a clearly defined exit strategy.
  • Businesses that are economically viable and provide a positive return on investment to Metis entrepreneurs, communities and the Fund.


We encourage individuals to contact and speak directly with our staff about your specific business opportunity.  For more information, please visit our website at www.medf.ca and join our social networking sites, while there, ensure to subscribe to our mailing list to receive all the upcoming exciting news taking place at MEDF.

Metis Economic Development Fund (MEDF)

340-150 Henry Avenue

Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 0J7

Telephone:          204-589-0772

Toll Free:             1-800-387-6004

Email: [email protected]

Website: www.medf.ca

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