Protegra is a business performance consulting and information technology solutions company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba operating since 1998 and serving clients in the private and public sectors in Canada, the United States, and Europe.

Protegra helps its clients achieve a higher level of performance with operational improvements.  Whether assisting with our client’s business operations through our management consulting (business performance consulting), IT solutions development and implementation, or our Software Development and Evolution practice, we help clients achieve better results. Protegra also offers cloud-based solutions for payroll, staff scheduling and HR (Everest), case management for people-serving organizations (Correlate), and a quality, business matching and referral network (Protunity).

We deliver value to our clients. Protegra focuses on solving its clients’ problems and treating its clients according to Protegra values. Through continuous improvement and innovation Protegra maintains the relevance of its products and services. Protegra regularly sets new standards in business practices and in technology. We are a true business solutions provider.  Our lean thinking, agile methods, and our-focus-on-people philosophy enables us to deliver measurable results that delight our clients.

Protegra was founded with a desire to do business differently. We strive to make a difference – for our clients, staff, and communities in which we work and we empower our people to be part of the process. 

We believe it’s all about people. Unlike traditional for profit companies who use people as resources to achieve shareholder return, by first focusing on the Community of Protegra and the People (Protegrans / clients / community at large) that compose it and treating them as the heart of organizational systems, we believe a highly effective and profitable organization, and success will follow for all.

For the past 5 years, Protegra has consistently ranked in the top 10 best places to work in Canada by the Queens School of Business and Great Places to Work Institute published in the Globe and Mail and PROFIT Magazine.