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Feb 20, 2014 | Business News and Tips, Corporate Member News

Is your business considering an expansion that would create new Winnipeg-based jobs?

We know lots of things need to fall into place to green-light this kind of initiative. YES! Winnipeg can help. We can source and mobilize the right people to deliver what you need. We can assist by informing you about government-assistance programs and making the right connections. And we can help you secure financing or capital, navigate the approvals process, extract relevant information and data, find the right location, get key customer contracts and access strategic suppliers. We do all this—and more—for free.

Is the national/international corporation you work for setting up new facilities somewhere? 

Maybe it’s a manufacturing or value-added assembly facility? Maybe it’s a centre for customer support or corporate back-office operations? Perhaps it’s a new data centre, a research and development facility, or a distribution hub? For operations like these, Winnipeg is ideal. And YES! Winnipeg can prove it. Please ask that Winnipeg be considered. In return, we’ll give you unparalleled support in building the case.

Get in touch with YES! Winnipeg today.

We’d love to talk to you about opportunities like this. Please give us a call at 204.954.1972, email [email protected] or visit us at

About YES! Winnipeg

YES! Winnipeg, an initiative within Economic Development Winnipeg Inc., is a private sector-led business development team whose mission is to grow and strengthen Winnipeg’s economy by assisting in the creation of new jobs and investments in the Winnipeg region. YES! Winnipeg’s 10-member team proactively attracts new businesses to Winnipeg, and assists local companies and entrepreneurs in launching new ventures or expanding existing businesses. Since 2011, YES! Winnipeg has successfully helped 50 clients decide to launch or expand operations. Upon maturity, these businesses predict employing 1,840 staff through investments totaling over $280 million.



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