New Leader Series Kicks Off With Brian Pallister

Dec 4, 2013 | Chamber News

The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce were pleased to play host as a brand new speaker series was launched.

The Provincial Leaders Series Presented by Deloitte started off with a keynote address on Wednesday December 4 at Canad Inns Polo Park with Opposition Leader Brian Pallister as the keynote. Despite some concerns with the weather, the leader of the provincial Conservatives addressed a near capacity crowd of interested business leaders and party supporters who purchased tickets for the series debut.

Pallister, whose presentation entitled “The Power of a Promise”, spoke at great length on his vision of Manitoba’s future, the current tax situation, need for infrastructure and creating a more competitive balance. He also addressed questions from the crowd on topics like Aboriginal education, the opportunities available in the north and how does Manitoba address issues surrounding energy and mining.

Mr. Pallister was the first of the provincial leaders to accept the invitation to speak to the Manitoba business community. Invitations have also been received by Premier Selinger and recently selected Liberal leader Rana Bokhari. The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce look forward to announcing dates for the two leaders in the weeks to come.


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