As the number of people working past the expected age of so-called retirement increases, so too does the number of job seekers searching for meaningful employment and companies with skills vacancies.

Enter ThirdQuarter—an innovative online job service dedicated to serving experienced people aged 45 years and over, in the ‘third quarter’ of their professional and working careers.

“Experience counts,” says Tim Jones, president of ThirdQuarter. “That’s our philosophy.  Our efforts are channeled into helping build a multi-generational workforce.”

“Employers who work with us know that mature workers make excellent mentors for younger staff and new Canadians,” Jones adds. “Our advice is to forget the number and hire the person.”

Recruitment professionals agree that mature staff bring with them proven leadership skills, a strong work ethic, a positive attitude and the ability to work from Day One.

The ThirdQuarter Customer Care team assists many people aged 45+ who want to continue in their current or previous professions and occupations. They show experienced workers how to adapt to new occupations and find employment that fits their lifestyles.

The ThirdQuarter system uses an essential, skills-based matching system that links applicants with the qualifications today’s recruiters require for the diverse positions they need to fill.

Here’s how it works: interested candidates and companies simply visit There’s no cost to applicants or firms and registration can be done at anytime. There is also no cost to individuals to prepare or post their resumes online.

Founded in 2010 by the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, ThirdQuarter, is now owned by a national non-profit corporation, Skills Connect Inc., and is part of the “Moving Manitoba Forward” initiative with the Premier’s Economic Advisory Council.  We have a national mandate to help companies and candidates find the best skills match for the available position in the shortest time possible.

Since our launch, thousands of jobs have been posted on Our job inventory has increased and diversified to include finance and administration, sales and service, business, professional, supervisory, technical and several skilled positions.

For more information,  please visit and  or call us at 204.272.4011 or toll free at 1-855-286-0306.

Good for companies…great for business!