Small and medium-sized businesses are the engine of our economy. They account for 99.8% of all Canadian companies and employ more than 60% of private sector workers. They are creating wealth and opportunity in our province and our country. The stronger, more competitive they become, the stronger our economy becomes.

The Business Development of Canada (BDC) is the only bank dedicated exclusively to entrepreneurs and that’s why we are such a great partner for 28,000 small and medium-sized companies across Canada. We help build strong, profitable businesses by offering financing and consulting services that are tailored to the needs of each business.

Entrepreneurs face a landscape of unrelenting competition, economic uncertainty and rapid technological change. That’s why it’s so important for business owners to receive the support they need to grow their businesses and make them more profitable. At BDC, our mission is to provide that support.


  • In terms of financing, companies can look to BDC for a variety of solutions from extra working capital for implementing new projects to loans for real-estate acquisitions, equipment purchases and market expansion.
  • Our loans complement what’s available from private-sector financial institutions and are offered on flexible terms that are tailored to the needs of each firm.


  • Entrepreneurs also need advice they can count on at a price they can afford. That’s where BDC Consulting can help.
  • BDC’s business experts advise entrepreneurs on overcoming key challenges including strategic planning, sales and marketing, technology implementation, transition planning, financial management, operational efficiency and innovation.

Today’s business world is full of challenges and increasingly tough competitors. But it’s also full of opportunity. To find out more about how BDC can help you make the most of it, visit or give us a call at 204 983-7900.

At BDC, it’s Entrepreneurs first.