Finance Minister Stan Struthers announced today that the 2013 provincial budget will be presented on Tuesday, April 16 when the Manitoba legislature resumes sitting.

“Provinces across Canada and countries around the world are coping with the challenges of uncertainty in the global economy and the Bank of Canada forecasts that Manitoba’s economy will grow at a slower rate this year,” said Struthers.  “We’ll tackle the challenges ahead of us with a balanced approach that is focused on the priorities of families and will grow our economy.”

The minister said the best way to keep the provincial economy growing is to create opportunities to train more people for skilled jobs here in Manitoba.  He also noted that one of the things that makes Manitoba a great place to live is the affordable cost of living, which the government has committed to maintain.

Struthers also advised that a special warrant has been approved to address expenditure requirements previously identified in the second Quarterly Financial Report for the 2012‑13 fiscal year.

“Uncertainty means we have to keep working to find new ways to reduce expenses and grow our economy, while protecting the services that matter most to families, like our schools, hospitals and roads,” he said.