Shaping Manitoba’s Future: Our Healthcare

Mar 2, 2013 | Chamber News


The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce understands and agrees that Manitobans want and deserve the very best public services possible. This includes having access to the best healthcare services in Canada, provided they are affordable, effective and sustainable over the long-term.  As an important contributor to the well-being of our province, the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce wants to be an active participant in ensuring this outcome is achieved.

Read  Shaping Manitoba’s Future: Our Healthcare 2013 here.

With a belief that this type of initiative would be of value to the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, its’ members, and the province of Manitoba as a whole, Mr. Starmer announced the formation of the President’s Advisory Committee on Healthcare in Manitoba on October 26, 2011.

Since December, 2011, the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce President’s Advisory Committee on Healthcare in Manitoba has been focused on the complex, multi-faceted topic of healthcare in our province.  Using the proven methodologies of community engagement events, surveys, jurisdictional reviews/research as well as direct consultations with key healthcare system stakeholders, the committee shared information and sought feedback on Manitoba’s healthcare services from numerous groups and constituents throughout the province, including members of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce, on healthcare from a variety of perspectives.

Three Key Areas of Focus

This report provides a perspective on three key areas of focus as identified by the Committee members and outlined below:

Economic Sustainability

Manitobans must understand the economics of our province’s health services so that they possess a baseline understanding of where they can positively impact the system itself.

 Healthy Living

In the context of this report, Healthy Living means making positive choices and taking action and ownership to enhance and enrich one’s personal physical, mental and spiritual health. It also requires a commitment to continued support and investment in leading practices and programs that are consistent with supporting, improving, maintaining and/or enhancing health.

Patients as Partners

Manitobans need to take greater responsibility for the management of their own individual health. This is where the Manitoba healthcare system can help. Instead of viewing themselves solely as a client or customer, Manitoba patients must become partners in their healthcare relationships. Increased two-way communication and education can lead to true ownership, improved outcomes and more efficient use of the money we spend on healthcare.

This report addresses these three priorities and is intended to act as a catalyst to start a larger, meaningful dialogue among Manitobans, the provincial government, the healthcare provider community, the business community and one another.  It is also intended to provide the framework for an action plan the Committee plans to implement in 2013 and beyond.

Why Healthcare is a Top Priority for The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce and one of its’ Key Strategic Directions for 2012-2015

 Identified as one of the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce’s key initiatives over the long term, healthcare has become a top organizational priority. A strong, sustainable healthcare system in Manitoba will benefit its citizens and the businesses that employ them, ultimately helping to grow our provincial economy. A healthier population translates into a more productive workforce. In time, an increased focus from the business community on actively supporting Manitoba’s healthcare system can reduce costs to government. The money saved can, in turn, be allocated to other vital areas. Ultimately, this will positively affect the Manitoba economy.

For these reasons, the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce is taking an active, long-term approach to healthcare.

Please download draft report here: Shaping Manitoba’s Future: Our Health Care 2013

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