Introducing the Manitoba Chamber(s) Bursary Fund

Mar 2, 2013 | Chamber News

Brent Stanfield
Regional Marketing Director, Manitoba
Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan

I am pleased to introduce a new Bursary program to assist local Chamber(s) in sending a delegate to the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce Annual General Meeting. Effective 2013, The Chambers Plan, Manitoba, will provide 3 Bursaries to qualified Chamber Managers or delegates.

Bursaries:  Professional Development Fund for Chamber Management

The purpose of our “Professional Development Fund” is to assist chamber management with their personal professional development and engage them in the chamber movement.  Please click Manitoba Chambers of Commerce Bursary application to download the application.

The bursaries include the registration, with an allowance for hotel and travel. Please note we do not pay mileage but will accept gas receipts for reimbursements.With this announcement, Manitoba Region also shifts focus with regard to sponsorships and advertising, and more to growing local Chamber memberships and growth.

Manitoba Region concentrates our efforts and resources on:

Marketing Chambers Plan to potential chamber members in Manitoba

  • Providing bursaries to chambers with financial challenges, to assist them in attending provincial events; and,
  • Marketing strategies and providing chambers with the collateral material (at no cost) to adequately assist with marketing in their area.

Sponsorships and Advertising Policy:
Manitoba Region does not sponsor individual chamber events as the magnitude of this would be unmanageable. Chambers’ Plan provides chambers with an Administration Fee (of which 10% should go back into marketing the Plan). Any new business on Chambers Plan equates into new chamber memberships, additional non-dues revenue for the chambers and becomes a great retention tool. Therefore our sponsorship endeavors will be broader in nature. We will continue to consider opportunities of sponsorship where the two main criteria for sponsorships are that the event be educational and provincial in scope.

Brent Stanfield
Regional Marketing Director, Manitoba
Chambers of Commerce Group Insurance Plan
Ph: 204.774.6677 ext. 317 TF: 800.665.3365
Fax: 204.779.3813 TF: 877.277.0711
Direct 204.774.4944 Cel 204.960.3450
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