The Manitoba Association of Parliamentarians (MAP) a constituent division of the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF PARLIAMENTARIANS®, is holding a parliamentary procedure workshop on Saturday, April 27, 2013 at the Hilton Suites, Winnipeg Airport, 1800 Wellington, Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

This educational session, called: “Are you ready for the Question? …the rules of debate and voting”, is designed for people seeking more information about proper meeting procedures. The seminar will be helpful for members of clubs, charities, homeowner associations, and/or any other type of non-profit organization that holds regular meetings.

The members of MAP offer these public workshops twice a year to show how the use of parliamentary procedure can greatly enhance the efficiency of your meetings and provide processes through which an organization, large or small, can work out satisfactory solutions to the greatest number of questions in the least amount of time.

Adopting proper parliamentary procedures will help to free your organization from confusion and disputes during the meetings and allow your group to focus on its mission and work, for which it was designed.

Why should we study parliamentary law? “It is difficult to find another branch of knowledge where a small amount of study produces such great results in increased efficiency in a country where the people rule, as in parliamentary law,” Henry M. Robert, author of Robert’s Rules of Order, declared.

Come and join us and learn more about the meeting procedures contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order so you can become a more effective and productive member of your group!

And finally, don’t forget “April is Parliamentary Month”, a time when we encourage all groups to use proper parliamentary procedure in their meetings in order to accomplish their work in a respectful, efficient, and orderly manner!

Register on-line at: ; or you can forward any questions to: [email protected].