HR INC Combines Human Resource Excellence With Innovative Practices

Dec 5, 2012 | Chamber News

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HR INC. is the premier global provider of strategic human resource solutions in Canada. HR INC. located in Winnipeg, Manitoba works with clients: local or long distance. We work with growing, small, medium-sized, large, and multinational companies where there is a need for expertise in the fields of human resource management.

HR INC. provides Human Resource and general management consulting services. We work closely with our clients, helping them with workforce solutions for their business.

We combine strategic human resource excellence, performance development, and learning into one seamless, integrated business solution for your organization. We ensure human resource management matters calculate into business return on investment. HR INC. is committed to strategic human resource excellence.

Our clients include businesses, crown corporations, governments, public sector agencies, and non-profit organizations. People look to HR INC. for a consistent standard of professional service based on professional experience and competence, industry specialty, and local knowledge.

  • HR INC.’s MISSION is to serve companies and conduct business operations to ensure the health, happiness, safety, wellness, and productivity of the employees so that clients can make more profit to create more in the community.
  •  HR INC.’S VISION is to serve the people who work in today’s organizations well by providing market-driven, relevant, innovative, and creative human resource management and general management services.
  •  HR INC.’S VALUES include: Respect for the individual, Trust and Team spirit; Integrity and Credibility; Innovation and Creativity; Customer Satisfaction in relationships; Commitment to total Quality; Cost and Time efficiency (Fiscal Responsibility); and Safety, Health, Wellness and Community Responsibility.

HR Inc. is dedicated to the global community that we serve, and to the human beings that commit their time, expertise, passion, and energy at work.  Inspiring and engaging the professional workforce to perform is HR INC.’s primary objective. We operate to deepen competitive market advantage.

HR INC.’s practice provides: the best people, credibility and integrity, experience, customer satisfaction, cost and time consciousness, certification as professionals, and project accountability.  We participate and contribute to international human capital: local or long distance.

Diana Chomichuk is President, Human Resource Strategist

She can be reached 1.204.898.1754  or click here to send her an EMAIL

Making a difference in the working lives of the people in the workplace. Click here to access HR INC. through Diana Chomichuk’s online profile.


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