MBiz Launched – Premier Issue June 2012

Jun 25, 2012 | Chamber News

Free Press Publisher, Bob Cox with Graham Starmer, President and CEO, Manitoba Chambers of Commerce

The Manitoba Chambers of Commerce and the Winnipeg Free Press are thrilled to be joining forces to bring you MBiz, a magazine filled with news about businesses across the province.  Good businesspeople know that two strong entities make an even stronger partnership, and that is what MBiz represents.

Twice a year we will be bringing you stories from every region of Manitoba, covering businesses big and small and highlighting the strengths of the regions at the same time. We will also bring you updates on important Chambers initiatives such as our ThirdQuarter project.

In this issue, we have a look at a group of idealistic young entrepreneurs, including a former punk rock drummer, who turned to established business people in Winkler for practical advice when they opened a popular coffee shop.  You will also find stories on leaders in the transportation industry, small home-based businesses, community service organizations and older entrepreneurs who have embarked on second or third careers.

MBiz is a new enterprise and new enterprises are always exciting.  We re discovering businesses we did not know about and we are learning new things about established businesses – and bringing it all to you.  We will publish this twice a year in June and November and it will be distributed in your weekend newspapers or through your local chamber office.  We print 120,000 copies and thus ensure a wide reach into the Manitoba Communities.

To view the magazine on-line click here or call us to receive a hard copy if you would like one.  All of the Chambers offices in Manitoba should have copies available as well as there will be display copies at most RBC branches in Manitoba.

Many thanks to the sponsors for this publication and for the advertisers who made it possible.  Without the support of RBC and Vale, we would not have been able to produce this publication for you – our members and fellow chambers.

“This was a new investment in a new publication for Vale, and we are proud to have been a part of it! We thoroughly appreciated the opportunity to showcase our Manitoba Operations and the community in which we operate in a publication of such high quality, with such broad reach. The reputational return on investment was very high and we look forward to continuing our ongoing partnership with the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce.” – Ryan Land, Manager, Corporate Affairs, Vale Manitoba Division in Thompson

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