Harper Government Announces Investment to Expand Aerospace Testing in Manitoba

Jun 8, 2012 | Government News

The Honourable Lynne Yelich, Minister of State for Western Economic Diversification, announced a Harper Government investment in the Canadian Environmental Test and Research Center Inc. (EnviroTREC) to purchase specialized equipment to improve and expand aerospace testing in Manitoba.

“Our Government’s top priority is creating jobs, growth and long-term prosperity,” said Minister Yelich. “This investment will support the aerospace industry in Manitoba by strengthening the supply chain and providing opportunities to commercialize new products.”

The investment of more than $5 million allows EnviroTREC to develop the technologies and skills needed to evaluate and certify the next generation of large aircraft engines. Work will include aerospace engine design validation and the testing of green aerospace engine emissions and alternative fuels.

EnviroTRECis a not-for-profit sister organization to the Global Aerospace Centre for Icing and Environmental Research (GLACIER), a state-of-the-art jet engine testing facility in which Pratt & Whitney Canada and Rolls-Royce Canada have a joint venture partnership and are the principal owers.

“The enhancements to GLACIER will broaden the testing opportunities that can be accomplished at the facility and will lead to enhanced usage of the facility in areas such as emissions testing and durability evaluations,” said David Simpson, Executive Director, EnviroTREC. “EnviroTREC is benefiting from these enhancements through an increased ability to mentor economic and human resource development.”

“We welcome the news of an increase in funding to GLACIER allowing for the expansion of the test facility,” said Walter di Bartolomeo, Vice-President Engineering, Pratt & Whitney Canada. “This additional funding will have a direct benefit on the local community because it effectively extends GLACIER’s operating window beyond the coldest months. GLACIER will play a leading role in cold weather research for the benefit of the aviation industry, and offers unique educational opportunities through partnerships with schools and universities.”

“The GLACIER test facility has already proved invaluable in the certification journey for the Trent XWB engine,” said Mel Greaves, Head of Test & Measurement Engineering, Rolls-Royce. “As we continue to develop current and future products with even high levels of efficiency, Rolls-Royce places huge reliance on world class engine test capabilities and the continued support of the Government of Canada in Thompson is both significant and appreciated.”

Western Economic Diversification Canada works to create jobs and economic growth for Western Canada. By promoting new economic opportunities, WD is securing a more diverse and prosperous future for the West while advancing western interests at the national level.

For additional information, contact:

Jerra Byrne
Office of the Minister
Western Economic Diversification
Telephone: 613-954-8097
[email protected]

David Simpson
Executive Director
Telephone: 613-859-0899


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