Thompson: a Strategic Mining Supply and Service Cluster and Transportation Hub for Manitoba’s North and Nunavut

Jun 7, 2012 | Chamber News

Located 830 kilometres north of the American border, and 750 kilometres north of Winnipeg, Thompson is a modern and progressive community, active in its own development and aware of the importance of working with the region, governments, First Nations, businesses and industry. Thompson, as the “CentrePort” of Manitoba’s North, offers strategic competitive advantages to businesses needing to access mining supply and service businesses, entrepreneurs wanting to set up a mining-related business, and those engaged with transportation of goods and/or services throughout Manitoba’s North and Nunavut.

Manitoba Provincial Highway #6 between Thompson and Winnipeg provides affordable and reliable ground transportation year round. This key North-South ground transportation corridor links to an extensive network of winter roads throughout the region.  Also linked is air service and access to the national heavy rail train line. Emerging technologies and the unique advantages presented by airships are invited into Thompson.

Thompson is the key hub for the air movements of passengers, as well as bulk, perishable and time sensitive freight through Manitoba’s 2nd busiest airport – the Thompson Regional Airport. Regularly scheduled and charter flights involving a variety of aircraft and helicopter are centered here. Convenient, direct air service to Winnipeg, regional communities and air service to Nunavut are available. The national rail link includes the Thompson train station to the Port of Churchill where sealifts from the Port to the Kivalliq Region of Nunavut is additional evidence of the strategic transportation advantages.

With decades of successful mining operations and a strong mining future ahead, local mining supply and services businesses have blossomed. This business cluster continues to grow through new business opportunities, such as the lack of an assay lab to serve the region and Nunavut’s Kivalliq Region.  Moreover, coupled with the transportation advantages, a win/win situation exists between local mining supply/services businesses and other businesses in the region and Nunavut in need of purchasing such goods and services.  As the City’s economic development corporation, Thompson Unlimited is a resource to facilitate business, and act as a catalyst in the development of new businesses.

Thompson is also an important regional service centre in northern Manitoba.  Education, health care, retail services, government services and transportation are examples of the connections between the Region and Thompson.  Both the Thompson Chamber of Commerce and Thompson Unlimited have been active partners in the unique Thompson Economic Diversification Working Group.  This group is about the vested need to work together for collective sustainability.

Thompson’s commitment to working with First Nations is clear. The Aboriginal Accord signed on National Aboriginal Day in 2009 is an affirmation of the role that Aboriginals had and continue to have in Thompson’s growth and development. The Accord states that relationships between the City of Thompson and Aboriginal communities be based upon a foundation of the shared values of honesty, respect, mutual sharing and contribution.


For further information, please contact:

Thompson Unlimited                                                   Thompson Chamber of Commerce

206 – 55 Selkirk Avenue                                             79 Selkirk Avenue

Thompson, MB  R8N 1P1                                           Thompson, MB  R8N 1N2

Tel:  204-677-1900                                                        Tel:  1-204-677-4155

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