Submitted by Barbara Bowes

Oh those dreaded annual performance appraisals! Where do they come from? Why do we conduct a performance appraisal?

What can you do if you are not happy with your appraisal?

The concept of performance appraisals and performance management began in the early 1800s during the industrial revolution. Business leaders and academics alike were busy attempting to develop new ways and means of improving productivity. However, Frederick Taylor, a lathe operator in a steel plant, identified that worker productivity appeared to be related to differences in talent, intelligence and personal motivation. His writings on the subject became famous and he soon was known as the father of scientific management. While much of this approach related to improving processes, worker performance appraisal was also identified as a key element to improving productivity.

The performance appraisal approach at that time was strongly focused on stopping bad performance and “fixing” an employee rather than developing people. In today’s world, these performance management philosophies no longer work; however, it is well known that many organizations have not made changes to their approach. Learn More about job performance appraisal systems….