Know a small to medium sized Manitoba business that’s facing a challenge – and looking for some free expert advice and exposure?

May 5, 2012 | Business News and Tips

Know a small to medium sized Canadian business that’s facing a challenge – and looking for some free expert advice and exposure?

Well, the business editors and friends at the Globe and Mail like to know about them so we can consider featuring them in the popular Challenge series that runs in the The Globe’s Report on Business and on the every Wednesday.

This series –  which also features a vigorous social media component –  looks at the challenges facing a wide variety of small to medium businesses across Canada. Each week, we feature a different business and we focus on:

  • The unique, specific challenges the companies face in such areas such as human resources, hiring, funding, new technology, marketing, communication strategies,  growth strategy, franchising, competition, leadership to name just a few.
  • Various sized companies from the very small to the solidly medium ones on the cusp of becoming large.
  • Companies from across Canada, who sometimes face regional challenges related simply to location.
  • A wide array of companies in different sectors of the economy, from tech to entertainment, farming, service, manufacturing, financial, communication, food, resources, etc.

Also, every week, three different experts advise these small and medium-sized companies from across Canada on how to overcome the key issue it’s facing. Here are just a few examples:

These companies will all attest to the invaluable help and attention the series in Canada’s best newspaper and news website brought to them.

Terry Brodie, an award-winning Globe and Mail veteran reporter and editor for Report on Small Business, assigns and edits The Challenge for 2012.

She can be reached at [email protected] and 416-585-5266.

So, if you know a business that would be interested in being part of the Challenge, please let them know. If you have any questions, they would be delighted to answer them.

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