How To Recharge and Take Charge of Your Life – After Retirement

Mar 8, 2012 | Business News and Tips


By Rick Groom and Alexandra Lopez-Pacheco, Special to the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce and ThirdQuarter

 To say that Charles Feaver has a distinctive outlook when it comes to retirement is an understatement.

As the founder/editor of—a web magazine dedicated to retirement planning—the man readily points out that retirement need not be perceived as the end of one’s work-a-day life; but simply, the start of another exciting chapter in one’s future.

 Think of retirement as a career change—and take charge. You need to think about where you want to go now that you are being handed back the management of your career.” –Charles Feaver

Five years ago when Charles, himself, retired from a career in marketing and research; he noted a major contradiction in some common perceptions people have about retirement. “Many young Canadians look forward to retirement because they think it will be one big holiday,” he says. “But when people reach their 50s, many dread retirement because they can’t imagine what they will do to fill their time. On the other hand, successfully retired Canadians report they enjoy life more than when they were working.”

Charles quickly realized these contradictions point to the reality that a good percentage of people find the transition into retirement challenging, far more so than retirement itself.  “Retirement is seen as negative, as going out to pasture. People think they’ll be insignificant and there is no preparation or support out there that helps people make the transition to retirement,” he says.

Noting this, Charles did what a growing number of successful retired Canadians have done: he launched a project that excited him; namely, his own website. His idea: To help people nearing retirement develop and realize a vision for their retirement that makes sense and fits their lifestyle. Rich with resources and insightful videos, is definitely worth regular visits.

So are Charles’s workshops. In the world according to Feaver, a positive attitude definitely counts and can accomplish a lot—especially in terms of how you look at retirement. For these reasons, he actively encourages his participants to adjust their attitudes and look at retirement in a new light.

“Make your retirement as enjoyable and meaningful as possible,” Charles continues, “which is why my presentations are designed help people 50+ figure out what they want to do, how they wish to go about it and how they can be happier and healtheir at the same time.”

For many Canadians, facing the reality of retirement can be a tough transition—especially since it is usually quite unlike those TV commercials depicting retirement as an endless vacation in paradise. For these reasons, Charles reminds his workshop participants that one’s life beyond retirement should be not just about money or employment but something more.

The quest for something more is a phrase that crops up over and over again among the people who take part in Charles’workshops. It is true for Jack, who retired several years ago. His children have grown up and moved away. Sure, he enjoys curling in the winter and golf in the summer. Yet he wants and, just as importantly, needs ‘something more’ than just occupying his time. The same goes for Cynthia and Margeaux: both of whom will retire within the next five years. Today, they do volunteer work, but each wants to learn how to creatively fill the gap, time-wise and otherwise—to ensure that their upcoming years of retirement provide them with a new level of satisfaction and fulfillment.

Sam, Josie and Elaine want to learn how their interests and hobbies can effectively blend with their retirement options. Others like Ed, Janet and Marilyn also want to know what their respective options are specifically in terms of changing careers.

 “Dream, think, research, plan—then do it. Start thinking about what you’d like to do now that you don’t have to do your job. Get involved in the community, through volunteering, job opportunities.” –Charles Feaver

All these people need to know how to go about applying for a new kind of employment. They admit that they haven’t put together a resume or go through the interview process in decades. They need to learn where to go for help and how best to go about it. All express a need to continue to ‘feel necessary’.

In a typical Charles Feaver workshop … this is where ThirdQuarter comes into the picture.

Access to people aged 50+ is what ThirdQuarter is all about. It is also all about connecting employers with mature workers whose individual and collective expertise and experience make them ideal mentors and reliable staffers for all kinds of firms and businesses in Canada.

“When I came across ThirdQuarter,” Charles says with a smile. “I thought it was great that there’s something out there to help people who want to find a job they want to do.

“Some people have to work,” he adds, “but boomers are the wealthiest generation that’s walked the face of this earth, so many don’t. Some, however, want to keep working to remain socially connected and active.”

To aid people 50+ and their quest for something more and to address their need to feel necessary, Charles Feaver offers the following tips—both in his workshops and web magazine:

  • Take your time. “When you retire, take some time off before you commit to anything. Think of it as a time to reboot in life. Once you have your freedom, don’t just give it away,” he says.
  • Recharge with a healthy lifestyle. “Get serious about getting fit. Now that you have more free time, you can make yourself feel younger with exercise,” he says.
  • Think of retirement as a career change—and take charge. “You need to think about where you want to go now that you are being handed back the management of your career,” he says.
  • Dream, think, research, plan—then do it. “Start thinking about what you’d like to do now that you don’t have to do your job,” he says. “Get involved in the community, through volunteering, job opportunities.”

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