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Oct 31, 2011 | Business News and Tips

Real estate commissions revealed

How to negotiate the best rate and sell your home for more

Jennifer Aniston has no doubt put several real estate agents’ kids through private school this year. The former Friend sold her Beverly Hills estate this summer for around $38 million. She bought it in 2006 for $13.5 million. Meanwhile, she plunked down some $7 million for two apartments in a Manhattan West Village building. (Can you imagine…? “I’ll take two!”) Never mind lucky starlet, how about lucky agents who must have earned some sweet commissions! But for us real-estate mortals, how can we work with an agent to negotiate the best deal and sell our house for top dollar?  Enter Andrew Brest and Lee Redwood of agent-matching website; they’re here to give us the low-down on how real estate commissions really work…


Feeling down? Canadian women’s standard of living sees decline

If you’re feeling tired and out of balance, the prosperous economy may be to blame

If, like many Canadians, you’re feeling smug about Canada’s relative prosperity compared to our neighbours to the south, it may not be time to celebrate just yet. Although Canadians are revelling in a more robust banking system and a still-strong economy, a new Canadian index – the Canadian Index of Wellbeing – suggests that while the economy has been performing strongly, this hasn’t necessarily translated into better quality of life for individuals, their families and, notably, women.  In fact, women were shown to have suffered some significant declines in well-being over the 15-year period the index analyzed. And, despite GDP numbers that point to relative prosperity in the country, the index found that this growth came at a cost. Let’s check out some of the study’s key findings…


We’re sizzling! 5 hot Canadian stocks

Canada’s industries aren’t exactly glamorous, but wait until you see the returns

Besides the ubiquitous Lululemon, Canadian stocks are decidedly unglamorous. But the truth is, investing isn’t always glamorous either – until you cash in. In fact, many of Canada’s stocks are practical, stalwart and downright dull. But wait ‘til you see the returns! Let’s take a look at 5 stocks that have recently hit 52-week highs – and whether their stars are likely to keep rising…

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