Call Goes Out for Manitoba Mentors: Can You Help Our Youth Connect Learning and Work?

Oct 13, 2011 | Corporate Member News

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Manitoba Mentors was recommended by the Premier’s Economic Advisory Council (PEAC).  In meeting with business and community leaders, it was recognized that there is a need to better engage and support Manitoba’s youth.  The concept for Manitoba Mentors – Connecting Learning and Work – is a result of those discussions.  Manitoba  Mentors will be an additional resource for interested schools and youth serving organizations.  Participation in the program will be driven by the availability of participating employers.  We are in the process of recruiting mentors to be ready for the upcoming school year!  Potential mentors can participate in three ways of the two streams of mentoring:

  1. Group Mentoring :  Career Awareness for Grades 9 and 10
  • On-site : host a tour, discussion and possible activity at your business or organization;

1 ½ hours to half day commitment –once a year or for each semester.

  • Off-site:  volunteer to be a speaker (Speaker’s Bureau) at a school or youth serving agency, ie:  School Career Day

 2. One-to-One Mentoring:  for Grades 11 and 12

  • Meet 2 ½ hours to half day and/or an in-service day once a month, October to June
  • Meeting days can include: goal setting, job shadowing, skill development, pre-employment readiness, workplace safety, informational interviewing, and working on small projects.

Each stream has an application process.  For participation in one-to-one mentoring, Criminal Record and Child Abuse Registry Checks must be completed.

Become a Mentor

Make a difference—in your business and in the life of a young person. Manitoba Mentors helps your organization connect with the future.

Manitoba Mentors gets you and your future employees off to a strong start.

Fill entry-level positions with trained protégés you already know and who already have a knowledge and understanding of your workplace.

Hire with confidence.

Manitoba Mentors allows you to witness your future employees on the job so you can truly evaluate their skills and know you have a winner.

Mentoring works.

Give back to your community while raising the positive profile of your organization. Identify and connect with prospective employees and get a sense of the expectations and attitudes of the upcoming generation. Bolster recruitment and retention and help build the trained and committed workforce Manitoba needs for a strong and sustainable economy.

Thank you for considering Manitoba Mentors!

Maria Poworoznik
Program Coordinator
Manitoba Mentors 
Alliance of Manitoba Sector Councils
1000 Waverley Street,  Winnipeg, MB, R3T 0P3
Ph: (204) 272-2962   Fax: (204) 272-2961
Email: [email protected]

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