Manitoba Métis Federation President David Chartrand applauded Premier Greg Selinger on the New Democratic Party’s fourth straight majority government:

Manitoba Metis Federation President David Chartrand

“The people of Manitoba have made it clear that they support this Party’s leadership and program and we look forward to working with the Premier and his Cabinet to make this a more prosperous place for all Manitobans”, he said. 

President Chartrand also commended the other Party leaders for their efforts:

“Hugh McFadden and Jon Gerrard fought good campaigns and on behalf of the MMF, we wish Hugh all the best as he explores his new future”, Chartrand commented. “To John Gerrard, we look forward to many more years of working with you”, he continued. 

To the record number of Métis Candidates that ran in the 40th provincial general election, President Chartrand stated:

 “Whether you won or lost, we are extremely proud of your leadership in putting your selves forward, to continue the democratic traditions of our forefathers”.  

The Manitoba Metis Federation (MMF) is the official democratic and self-governing political representative for the Metis Nation’s Manitoba Metis Community. 

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