EPIC Information Solutions Wins Bronze for Best Channel Marketing Initiative

Oct 5, 2011 | Corporate Member News

EPIC Information Solutions was named a bronze winner in the Best Channel Marketing Initiative category for this year’s CDN Channel Elite Awards.

The Channel Elite Awards showcase the top solutions, innovative marketing initiatives and recognizes the outstanding achievements of Canadian IT solution providers. Put out by Canadian Dealer News (CDN), the Channel Elite Awards recognize IT Solution Providers for their innovation, leadership and commitment to creating value for their customers. Each entry must reflect business completed and invoiced during the 2010 calendar year. This awards program is open to qualified IT Solution Providers owned or operating in Canada.

The Channel Marketing award honors the partner that created and executed a dynamic advertising, marketing campaign or event showcase in 2010. The winner had to present evidence that the partner has increased its visibility, respect or profitability in its community through the campaign or event. Applicants had to explain the process, strategy and thought leadership behind the marketing activity, and the outcome, complete with measurements: return on investment, number of leads generated, etc.

EPIC Information Solutions won bronze for an innovative and fresh video campaign, featuring the children of EPIC.  See the videos here.

EPIC Information Solutions has won a total of 5 Channel Elite Awards since their first submission in 2008, including:

2010 Gold Medal
Best Enterprise Solution:  This award honors the solution provider that has created the most innovative problem solving hardware, networking, cloud or software-based solution for an enterprise, defined as a company or department with 251 seats or more using the solution.

2010 Gold Medal
Best Channel Marketing Initiative: Honors the partner that has created and executed a dynamic advertising, marketing campaign or event showcase.

2009 Silver Medal
Best Collaborative Solution – This award recognizes the partnership between at least two solution providers that, working jointly, created the most innovative and problem solving solution that could not have been possible for either to accomplish with their own resources.

2009 Bronze Medal
Best Mid-Market Solution – This award honours the partner that has created the most innovative and problem solving hardware, networking, online or software-based solution for a mid-size organization or department with 101 to 250 seats using the solution.

2008 Silver Medal
Best Channel Marketing Initiative, which honors the partner that has created and executed a dynamic advertising, marketing campaign or event showcase. EPIC Information Solutions was nominated based on its twice-annual EPIC Technology Day Conference, which competed in that category against entries from across Canada.

For more information on the CDN Channel Elite Awards visit www.channeleliteawards.ca 

About EPIC Information Solutions
Our nearly 80 Manitoba IT Professionals, who represent more than 200+ certifications and competencies, guarantees we are invested in your success.


Susan Rennie, Marketing Manager
Ph. 204.975.7102  Email [email protected]

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