“McFadyen Proposes Crime Task Force – Receives Support From Manitoba Police Association” Progressive Conservatives

Oct 3, 2011 | Government News

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Integrated task force will take crime fight to next level 

Winnipeg is firmly on course to set a new record for murders in a single year.  Manitoba is once again the violent crime capital of Canada.  All of this after 12 long years of Greg Selinger and the NDP in government.  In 1999 Greg Selinger and the NDP promised to make our communities safer.  They broke that promise.  Hugh McFadyen and the Manitoba PCs have already outlined a comprehensive plan to tackle crime, and today he announced a final component to the party’s crime-fighting plan.  A new Integrated Serious Offender Task Force would take the monitoring of dangerous and violent criminals to the new levels needed to seriously fight violent crime in Manitoba.  The plan was developed with the input of front line police officers in Manitoba.  McFadyen made the announcement today with Manitoba PC Seine River candidate Gord Steeves, where he also received the support of the Manitoba Police Association. 

Hugh McFadyen

“We have heard again and again from front line officers that better coordination is needed.  That is why we are proposing this new task force. It will combine the efforts of the police, probation officers and Crown attorneys into a single unit that will work together to keep a lid on dangerous offenders,” says Manitoba Progressive Conservative Leader Hugh McFadyen. “The unit will work to ensure dangerous offenders are prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and if the offenders are released, will diligently enforce any conditions to decrease the likelihood that these violent criminals will strike again.” 

Greg Selinger and the NDP have employed a bare-bones effort to track gang members, but with the gang database deleted, and gangs growing in strength (something NDP Leader Greg Selinger has already admitted to during the campaign), monitoring needs to be taken to a new level. The Manitoba PCs will integrate all arms of enforcement available to the province that need to be brought to bear on high risk offenders.  A similar integrated task force in the City of Windsor has delivered strong results to the community. 

“Clearly all Manitobans are concerned about cracking down on violent crime,” says Marc Pellerin, President, Manitoba Police Association. “What has drawn us to the PC platform is the fact that Hugh McFadyen and his team have consistently sought us out for consultation. Our organization represents members on the front lines of the fight against crime yet their voices are routinely muted by special interest and academia. It’s an appealing notion to consider that a prospective government will be prepared to listen to the ordinary street cop for advice and input on dealing with the crime problems our citizens contend with every day.” 

“We are pleased to receive the support of the Manitoba Police Association, the organization that represents front line police officers across Manitoba. After twelve years of the NDP we are the violent crime capital,” adds McFadyen.  “The NDP are desperately seeking sixteen straight years.  Manitobans are telling us it’s time for change.  The Manitoba Police Association understands it is time for a change. We know that to make progress on violent crime, you have to listen to the front line officers. Vote Progressive Conservative and we will deliver a stronger, safer Manitoba.” 

For more information, please contact:

Rebekah Swistun, Communications Officer
Manitoba Progressive Conservative Party
Office: 318-2111
Mobile: 230-4598
Email: [email protected] 
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