The Honourable Greg Selinger

Mini Bio:

On October 19th, 2009, Greg Selinger became Manitoba’s 21st Premier.

Greg was first elected as MLA for St. Boniface in 1999.  He was re-elected in 2003 and 2007 and is currently serving his 3rd term.  Greg was appointed by Premier Gary Doer to the Finance portfolio on October 5, 1999.  At that time, he was also appointed Minister responsible for French Language Services and for the Crown Corporations Public Review and Accountability Act.  In 2001, Greg was charged with the Civil Service Commission and in 2006, became minister responsible for Manitoba Hydro.  The Liquor Control Commission and the Manitoba Lotteries Corporation were added to his responsibilities in 2007.

Greg has a PhD from the London School of Economics, a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Queen’s University and a Bachelor of Social Work Degree from the University of Manitoba.

Recently, The Honourable Greg Selinger participated in the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce Provincial Leaders Series.   

Video highlights of the Greg Selinger’s comments touch on a wide array of areas (Click on the title or scroll down to access the videos):    

As well, there are videos of Greg Selinger answering questions relating to: 

Bonus video coverage features greetings from the event sponsor, the Manitoba Pork Council.   

Thanks to Greg Selinger and the Manitoba Pork Council for making this event possible.   

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Greetings From the Event Sponsor, the Manitoba Pork Council


Preliminary Remarks


Manitoba Hydro Part 1


Manitoba Hydro Part 2


Manitoba Hydro Part 3

Expanding Manitoba Hydro’s Energy Mandate

The PUB Requiring Hydro to Provide Special Rates to Low Income Manitobans

Funding for Manitoba’s Tourism Organizations