Protegra Insights on Effective Corporate Strategy, Agile Architecture & Agile Adoption

Sep 30, 2011 | Corporate Member News

“Shedding Some Light on Strategy” By Dan Perron

Uttering the word “strategy” in most business circles generates many different reactions, few of them positive or even interested. That’s because for most of us, the corporate strategic planning process is akin to some strange ritual that happens behind closed doors, if it happens at all, and the result is often of a mystical nature to most employees. Not surprisingly, less than 10 percent of strategies effectively formulated are effectively executed. Do not despair because strategy is a difficult concept to master.

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“Active Architecture for Agile Projects” (As published on…) By Terry Bunio 

There is a gap in Agile techniques that needs to be addressed for certain types of applications. For simple CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) applications it is very possible that you will not require what I’m proposing. However, for those non-trivial CRUD applications I see User and System stories as a forced fit. What I propose instead is Active Architecture documentation.

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“Agile Adoption – 3 Vital Behaviours” By Steve Rogalsky 

One of the books on my reading list this year was “Influencer: The Power to Change Anything” (Patterson, Grenny, Maxfield, McMillan, Switzler). As I read it, I was struck by how the ideas in the book can be helpful for guiding an agile adoption. The book is split into two parts. The first section outlines how any change can be made inevitable by looking for the vital behaviours that will bring about the change. The second section outlines six different types of influence strategies that you must use in order to make those vital behaviours happen.

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Software Development and Evolution Conference 2011 

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