“ Selinger Tells Chambers: Only Today’s NDP Will Take Full Advantage Of The Massive Economic Opportunities Offered By Hydro” NDP

Sep 29, 2011 | Government News

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McFadyen’s failure to get new projects done would mean giving up on a generation of development

Only Today’s NDP will take full advantage of the massive economic opportunities offered by Manitoba Hydro because the NDP is the only party that will actually get Hydro’s new construction projects built.

Greg Selinger

“Hydro power is Manitoba’s oil. The main economic question in this election is do we build Hydro or not?” Premier Greg Selinger told the Manitoba Chambers of Commerce Leaders Vision series. “The differences between myself and Mr. McFadyen on this are clear as day.”

Manitoba Hydro is one of the main engines powering the province’s momentum and growth. It contributes $500 million to the provincial economy each year through export sales and is poised to invest as much as $15 billion in new dams and transmission lines.

Manitoba Hydro recently signed the biggest export sales in its history, with Wisconsin and Minnesota, as well as a Memorandum of Understanding on future sales with Saskatchewan. These sales require the construction of three new dams – Wuskwatum, Keeyask, and Conawapa – and the new Bipole III transmission line and converters. Together the export sales and construction projects will mean jobs, prosperity and affordable power for Manitobans for generations.

All of that is at risk with Hugh McFadyen’s reckless plans to re-route the Bipole through the heart of the unspoiled boreal forest on the east side of Lake Winnipeg. If that plan were attempted, the Bipole would not get built. The opportunities offered by the export sales and construction projects would be lost – forever.

“The Liberals want to put the Bipole under water, while Mr. McFadyen’s PCs would tie it up in court battles and road blocks. Different parties, different positions, but both would lead to the same sorry results: letting jobs and opportunities die on the vine,” said Premier Selinger. “We are the only party that will get it done.”

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