“Selinger On BiPole – Is He Kidding?” Progressive Conservatives

Sep 29, 2011 | Government News

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If BiPole is urgent, why has he waited twelve years to get started? 

“We need to stop talking about it. We need to get on with the show.”

NDP Leader Greg Selinger, September 29, 2011, after 12 years of being in government

If you say something is a priority, would you wait 12 years to get started?  Greg Selinger does. The desperate NDP Leader says he wants to build BiPole III, but after twelve years in office, he’s done nothing to actually build it.  Leaked documents from Manitoba Hydro already made public by the Manitoba Progressive Conservatives have shown that Manitoba Hydro was ready to get started building the east side BiPole back in May of 2000.   Greg Selinger and the NDP interfered politically, ignoring the experts and forced Hydro to choose to longer, more expensive and wasteful west side route.   The project has been stalled ever since. This is how Greg Selinger handles priorities. 

Hugh McFadyen

“Hydro was ready to get started on the east side BiPole years ago.  But the NDP interfered, forced a terrible decision on to Hydro and on to the pocket books of Manitoba families, and the process has gone nowhere,” says Manitoba Progressive Conservative Leader Hugh McFadyen. “He’s had twelve years, and they haven’t even applied for the environmental license. Now he says it’s a priority? What will he need to pursue his wasteful west side route – sixteen years? Twenty years? If this is how he handles a priority, I would hate to see him take his time.” 

Twelve years ago, Greg Selinger and the NDP promised to end hallway medicine in six months.  They broke that promise.  Greg Selinger and the NDP said they would make our communities safer. They broke that promise. If Greg Selinger and the NDP couldn’t get the job done in twelve years, they won’t get it done in sixteen. A vote for the Manitoba Progressive Conservatives will be a vote for a stronger, safer Manitoba. 

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Rebekah Swistun, Communications Officer
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