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Today’s businesses need better talent management systems to survive and thrive.

Legacy Bowes Group (LBG) is known for its multidisciplinary team of experts who individually and collectively develop creative solutions to complex people and organizational challenges. Complementing this strong team of consultants, LBG has now partnered with Adequasys Canada to provide Human Resource Management System (HRMS) technology to new and existing clients.

Kim Snage, in the capacity as an LBG consultant, initially spearheaded this partnership. Following a move to Toronto as the new HR Projects and Processes Manager for Adequasys Canada, Kim continued to appreciate the incredible synergy between the two firms and was able to successfully forge a business partnership.

“Over the years, I have seen a growing need for technology in talent management, especially systems that have been designed with input and guidance from in-house HR managers. In fact, it was this HR input into design that attracted me to the Adequasys system,” explains Snage.  “As a result, I am excited to bring this great product to Legacy Bowes Group clients.”

Adequasys Technology provides Human Resources professional’s with the ability to manage compensation & benefits, leaves & vacations, skills, company property and any other pertinent HR data. The system allows managers to quickly and easily monitor and review their HR efforts and make strategic decisions based on quantifiable data.

Barbara Bowes, president of Legacy Bowes Group attests that the technology is a great benefit to client HR teams:

Barbara Bowes

“I am excited about introducing  both current and new clients of Legacy Bowes Group with the Adequasys systems as I believe this technology tool provides the many missing pieces that organizations need to manage their people power.”

For more information, please contact:

Barbara Bowes
Legacy Bowes Group
p: 204.934.8820
e: [email protected]
Kim Snage
HR Projects and Processes Manager
Adequasys Canada
P: 800.811.1877 ext 222
e: [email protected]