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Promise on hallway medicine still broken after 12 years 

Hugh McFadyen and the Manitoba PCs agree with Greg Selinger on one point – a strong plan is needed to secure the future of Manitoba’s health system.  After 12 years in government, the NDP have left a mess in health care. Greg Selinger has failed for 12 years to deal with the challenges in health care.  He’s broken his promise to end hallway medicine. Selinger now claims he will fight for Manitoba’s priorities, but this is the same NDP leader who has isolated Manitoba by refusing to join the New West Partnership, has blamed the federal government for his own 12-year crime problem, and launched futile attack ads against the federal government in desperate bid to support his own election efforts.   Selinger cannot be taken seriously, says Manitoba Progressive Conservative Leader Hugh McFadyen. 

Hugh McFadyen

“After twelve years in government, shouldn’t you already have a plan?” says Manitoba Progressive Conservative Leader Hugh McFadyen. “Manitoba used to have Leaders that would work together with other levels of government, but Greg Selinger just wants to pick fights and run attack ads. Manitoba is isolated from the New West Partnership, and Greg Selinger just spent weeks attacking the Federal Conservative Government with TV ads.  He even refuses to support their new crime laws, after 12 years of blaming the federal government for his own violent crime failures.” 

McFadyen noted that Selinger is once again desperately distorting the Manitoba PC health plan, which calls for hiring 2,165 new front line health care professionals and follows a realistic plan to balance the budget by 2018.   A McFadyen government will improve care for Alzheimer’s patients. A McFadyen government will develop a stroke unit. A McFadyen government will add more ambulances and work with front line health care providers instead of crushing them with bureaucracy. The Manitoba PC plan is a strong plan that will secure the future of health care in Manitoba. 

“You can’t negotiate a new health accord with attack ads. After twelve years of the NDP we are the violent crime capital.  After twelve years of broken promises, we still have hallway medicine,” adds McFadyen.  “Now the NDP are desperately seeking sixteen straight years.  Manitobans are telling us it’s time for change.  Vote Progressive Conservative and we will deliver a stronger, safer Manitoba.” 

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